Beards of Manchester 2011 – who made the cut?

So we’ve been mulling over the 200+ beard submissions we received and, after much deliberating, have chosen the twelve lucky devils who will be featured in 2011’s Beards of Manchester calendar. They are Mad Dawg Pat, Wesley, tattooists Gre and Dan (together),  Ciaran, Jay, Louis, David, Dalpreet, Kev, Augustus, Marcus and Garry:

We wanted to stress that it was an impossibly difficult job reducing the list to just twelve – many of our favourite beards sadly didn’t make the cut. But fear not, for we have a cunning idea to incorporate everyone who submitted their pride and joy into the calendar! Watch this space – we’ll also be posting sneak peeks of the shoots, plus full details for the calendar and exhibition (both of which launch on Thursday 21 October at Common on Edge Street).

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