And that’s a wrap!

January 31st, 2011 — 1:33pm

As January draws to a close, we’re waving goodbye to Beards of Manchester – there are only a handful of calendars left, and the exhibition at Common has been taken down after almost three months.

The good news: Beards of Manchester has raised over £2000 for Lifeshare, the homelessness charity we’re supporting! We handed over a comedy ‘Bank of Beards’ cheque at our closing event last Thursday (see right). We also sold a few of the exhibition print – if you took a fancy to any of our beard models (or indeed you are a beard model), please get in touch to see if your print of choice is still available.

For the next week or two the remaining Beards of Manchester calendars will be on sale at our two final outlets: Common on Edge Street; and Fred Aldous on Stevenson Square.

We’d like to thank everyone who was involved in the project – including but not limited to: Gill Moore, Young, Common, OH Digital, B&N Magazine, County Print, BBC Manchester, the MEN, Big Issue in the North, Manchester Confidential, All FM, our 20+ outlets, our beards models and of course everyone who submitted their bearded faces way back in October.

Look out for more bearded fun in the future!

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Let’s have another party! Last chance to buy calendars & prints.

January 21st, 2011 — 4:57pm

Beards of Manchester has exceeded all expectations and, three weeks in to the Year of the Beards, we’re starting to wrap things up. Most of the calendar outlets have now sold out, and some only have a fews copies left – see for yourself here. As such, we’ve decided to hold one final closing party, which is your opportunity to purchase a prized piece of kitsch Manchester memorabilia…

Next Thursday, 27th January, 6-8pm, at Common on Edge Street, we’re having a little get-together to celebrate the end of the exhibition and ‘project beard’. The remaining calendars will be up for sale, together with the original, one-off Beards of Manchester prints that have adorned the Kestrel Suite’s walls since late October. This will be your one and only opportunity to get your hands on these prints – so do pop down. Sign up to the Facebook event here.

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Review: Zack at the Royal Exchange

January 11th, 2011 — 1:44pm

In which our hero, a dark and handsome specimen, is wrongfully sacrificed in a tragic final scene…

Zack (Justin Moorhouse) making the best of a bad situation

There is something biblical about Harold Brighouse’s play, running at Manchester’s Royal Exchange theatre until 22 January. Though billed as a ‘tender and hilarious classic’, the signs are ominous for Zack’s voluminous beard, from the moment that evil temptress Virginia reveals a shaving kit – offered somewhat ludicrously as a ‘birthday present’. From then on, the audience has a suspicion about what is on the cards. Can Justin Moorhouse’s Zack resist the lure of this wicked woman? It’s a storyline that mirrors the offering of fruit to Eve by the serpent.

By the tear-jerking final scene, Zack has been brainwashed and succumbs to temptation. The audience is aghast as Virginia inflicts the fatal blows herself, taking an acute pleasure in this dishonourable undressing of his face. And when the transformation – nay, degeneration – is complete, she has somehow tricked our sad leading man into believing he looks better? As the lights go down, it’s hard to know whether to laugh at this preposterousness or cry at the tragedy that has just unfolded before our eyes.

Our hero, Justin Moorhouse’s beard, impresses with an outstanding performance in ‘Zack’. Eager to learn more about the up-and-coming star on the theatre scene – and certainly ‘one to watch’ in 2011 – we were told by the Royal Exchange that the newcomer is ‘hoping to work in films eventually‘.


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All Beards poster available

January 4th, 2011 — 1:25am

We’ve received quite a few requests for the “all beards” poster exhibited at Common, which features 208 beards that were submitted to the Beards of Manchester website in September 2010. Having considered various options, we eventually decided to make the image available as a poster via zazzle. You can order the poster in various sizes, prices range from £7.35 to £13.75, plus shipping.

Check out our zazzle store here:

ALTERNATIVELY: If you don’t like zazzle, you can download the “All Beards” PDF here in A2 size (43MB) and have it printed at your preferred printer!

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Calendar shortage

December 30th, 2010 — 5:57pm

We didn’t quite expect that to happen, but we’re currently running out of calendars in some places and won’t be able to restock until next week. Also, some places are closed for another week or so. If you’re looking for a calendar, please try the following places where we’ve still got the odd one left:

  • ORDER ONLINE from Fred Aldous
  • City centre
    • Fred Aldous, Stevenson Square
    • North Tea Power, Tib Street
    • Nexus Art Cafe, Dale Street
    • Oklahoma, High Street
  • Oxford Road area
    • Whitworth Art Gallery
    • Sand Bar, Grosvenor Street
  • Chorlton:
    • On the Corner record shop
    • Wowie Zowie
    • Dulcimer pub, Wilbraham Road
  • Withington and West Didsbury
    • Fuel Cafe, Wilmslow Road
    • Didsbury Life, Burton Road
    • Steranko clothes, Burton Road
  • Other
    • Urmston Book shop, Flixton Road, Urmston
    • POD Deli, Levenshulme
    • The Kings Arms pub, Bloom Street, off Chapel Street, Salford

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Happy Beardy Christmas!

December 24th, 2010 — 2:15pm

Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone! Thanks for the great support in the past few months. The feedback for Beards of Manchester was fantastic, the calendars are selling well and the exhibition at Common will be up until mid January.

Grab a calendar while they’re still available – see the list of all outlets for details.

We hope you enjoy the holidays and that big beardy guy brings some nice presents for you.


The Beards

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Over 20 outlets all over Manchester!

December 12th, 2010 — 12:08am

Friends of the Beard,

we hope you’re all enjoying the pre-Christmas activities, mince pies and mulled wine! Here’s a quick update on where to buy the calendar in Manchester: we keep adding outlets to our list, and the calendar is now available in over 20 shops, bars and cafes in the city. Big thanks to everyone who offered to stock the calendar, and to all of you who have already bought one for themselves or their loved ones. 2 weeks left to go until Christmas – that’s 2 weeks to bring some festive fuzziness into your homes!

The calendar is available for £10 from the following places:

  • ORDER ONLINE from Fred Aldous
  • And The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon, West Didsbury
  • Common Bar, Edge Street
  • Cornerhouse, Oxford Road
  • The Deaf Institute, Grosvenor Street
  • Didsbury Life, Burton Road, West Didsbury
  • Dulcimer pub, Wilbraham Road, Chorlton
  • Fred Aldous, Stevenson Square
  • Fuel Cafe, Wilmslow Road, Withington
  • Grotto Pop Up Shop, Oldham Street
  • Junk Shop, Dale Street
  • The Kings Arms pub, Bloom Street, off Chapel Street, Salford
  • Nexus Art Cafe, Dale Street
  • North Tea Power, Tib Street
  • Oklahoma, High Street
  • On the Corner record shop, Chorlton
  • POD Deli, Levenshulme (thanks to Helen from Love Levenshulme for the support!)
  • Sand Bar, Grosvenor Street
  • Steranko, Burton Road, West Didsbury
  • Urmston Bookshop, Flixton Road, Urmston
  • Whitworth Art Gallery, Oxford Road
  • Wowie Zowie, Chorlton

Lots of love,

Team Beard x

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Beard calendars taking over Manchester…

November 9th, 2010 — 4:22pm

We keep adding new outlets for the calendar almost every day now – the latest places stocking the calendar are POD deli in Levenshulme, North Tea Power, Junk and Nexus Art Cafe in the Northern Quarter, and the Whitworth Art Gallery. The calendar is sold for £10, with all profits (minimum £5) going to the Lifeshare charity. A list of all outlets can be found under “The Calendar”.

Update: we’ve just done another calendar round and added Sand Bar, The Deaf Institute, the Cornerhouse and Fuel to the list of outlets.

Thanks to everyone who’s supported us so far! May the fluff keep you warm this winter.


The Beards x

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Calendar available online!

November 2nd, 2010 — 11:29pm

Good news everyone,

the Beards of Manchester 2011 calendar is available ONLINE now – thanks to Fred Aldous (art supplies shop in the Northern Quarter) for stocking it and giving us a nice mention in their last newsletter. Spread the hairy love and order your calendar now!

There are still calendars available from Common, Dulcimer and the Fred Aldous shop on Stevenson Square. Other outlets will follow in the next few days. Check back for updates!


The Beards xx

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The beards are launched!

October 25th, 2010 — 11:47pm

Last Thursday we launched the 2011 Beards of Manchester calendar and exhibition. We exceeded Common’s Kestrel Suite capacity several times over, with attendees arriving in their dozens to view the prized specimens on show. We were also honoured with the presence of all but two of the chosen beards – with several of our models agreeing to sign autographs for eager beard-hunters.

We’d like to thank all who attended our launch night, which massively exceeded expectations. We’d like to thank those who bought calendars, beard badges, beard cakes (donated by North Tea Power), and those who donated to our chosen charity, Lifeshare. Huge thanks also go out to our excellent photographer Gill Moore, our friends at Common for their work in setting the exhibition up, and of course the bearded ones themselves. The exhibition will be up until well in to December, with Common being our primary calendar outlet. Stay tuned for more information about our other outlets.

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